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About Smarti

We are a company dedicated to reducing infection risk, improving hygiene, saving money and water.

Smarti is an environmental technology business that can
deliver happy, healthy and cost efficient washroom solutions for
the NHS, healthcare, hospitality, leisure, education and
facilities management company.
The Smarti Mission
"We are totally focused on infection risk control and improving hygiene, whilst also saving water and money."
Waterless Urinals
Waterless Urinals
"New Lab Test Results Published 2018 - Water Free urinal results provided a lower overall incidence of bacteria than for Flushing urinals"
"We can deliver clever, sustainable, water and money saving technology, that doesn't break
the piggy bank."
Waterless Urinals
Waterless Urinals
"World leading technology that guarantees to save you at least 50% on your water costs*."
*subject to area location and overall service requirements
"We aim to create
a happy, healthy
and cost efficient washroom with
zero odour."
Waterless Urinals
Waterless Urinals
"We were established in 1998 and can deliver market leading water-free and odour extraction washroom solutions."
Our Clients
Some of the customers that we work with include:
Waterfree Urinals
Waterless Urinals
Waterless Urinals
"Follow the example of the NHS who have just completed a major installation in
The NHS were impressed by recent laboratory endorsed product enhancements. If it is robust enough for the health sector, it has to be for any field of businesses washrooms.
Waterless Urinals
"Two simple install options for new and existing urinals and toilets - Retrofit or replace with a new system."
Get in touch with out friendly and professional team who can give
you the help and advice that you need.
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Water Free Urinals
 Supporting Charities
Waterless Urinals
Waterless Urinals
Helping The Environment
Waterless Urinals
Save Water
Waterless Urinals
Our Services
We are powered EXCLUSIVELY IN THE UK by Falcon Water-free technologies, establish in 1999, the world's largest and longest developer of water-free and odour free urinal and W/C technology.
We offer and provide a complete environmental service and unique product technology, aimed at commercial, public and private sector washrooms and facilities.

We support all our technology with an industry leading service and maintenance program which is *100% guaranteed to deliver performance and results (*Subject to our Pay As You Save contract.)

We work with 100's of commercial customers already exclusively in the UK and enjoy ongoing complete repeat customer satisfaction.

We put our money where our claims are and don't charge anything for installation and conversion upfront for our water-free technologies and you pay ONLY out of the savings you make.

We support various environmental charities with a percentage of your transaction.

  • Coverage
  • Exclusive Falcon Partners
  • Pay as You Save
  • Our Clients
We offer a NO UPFRONT CAPITAL COST finance model and include all consumables, so there are no hidden costs and you have complete peace of mind that all savings and environmental improvements are 100% sustainable. Our Head Office is in the South West with a regional office based in Manchester and satellite office locations providing national coverage for our products and services.

We are passionate about water & energy conservation and work closely with our customers in order to identify practical solutions for reducing their water, energy and CO2 consumption and stop huge amounts of money simply being flushed down the drain.

We offer national coverage and supply, install and support all our technology in full on a monthly & annual basis.
Exclusive Falcon Partners

As part of a Group, Smarti offers industry leading environmental technology, supported by first class installation, service and maintenance and a unique funding proposition.

We focus on the commercial washroom and provide a range of technology based products and services to save water, Co2, money, reduce risk and save the environment.

We are the exclusive UK Distributor of all US & European Falcon World-Class technologies and the UK partner of Hygizone odour and bacteria extraction technology.

Falcon Waterfree Urinals We are the UK authorised distributor for Falcon.
We install, genuine, world-leading, Falcon water-free
and odour extraction washroom solutions.

Pay as you save
We are able to provide a full Pay As You Save Service for all qualifying customers, where no capital expenditure is required to switch to Smarti technology.

Smarti's focus is to be your single commercial washroom partner for environmental enhancements.

To switch to any of our environmental technology today, please click on our contact page and we will be delighted to help.

Waterless Urinals
See More About Pay as You Save
Our clients
Our Management and Support Team continues to grow as our customer base increases.

We aim to support what we save by donating a percentage of all profits to our conservation charity partners.

Our senior advisory team has over 30 years experience in the water & energy saving industry across all departments and can offer expert advice on technology and energy and water saving options to suit your business. Recently we have added a commercial rainwater harvesting solution to our portfolio for all companies wishing to not only remove all water supply from their urinals, but also to flush their W/C toilets with a harvested grey water solution.

About Smarti
Supporting Charities
Helping The Environment
Saving Water
Technology Videos
As featured in FCBusiness,
see our article here.
Waterless Urinals
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Latest water-free technology as used by the experts: - Ideal, Lecico, Franke, Duravit
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