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Helping The Environment
Helping the environment with water-free urinals
How do water-free urinals work and how much water do urinals use?

Our experience is that a single male washroom urinal typically uses between 80,000 and 120,000 litres of water per year. Switch to our Smarti, Falcon HP Key-Valve™ or Falcon Velocity™ cartridge solutions and your urinals will use NONE AT ALL!

Typically CSR reports aim for a water reduction target of 20 – 25% so changing to water-free urinals makes a huge difference. With our systems, average savings amount to 473 cubic metres of potable water with an embedded carbon footprint of 505 KgCO2*

We provide a sustainable ongoing Green solution with our 100% recyclable technology.

Our urinals help the environment while saving you water, Co2 and money.

In addition, we support all sales with our own charity work, donating to global overseas water conservation projects.

(*Based on 1 washroom1 with x3 urinals fed by x1 9Ltr cistern flushing every 10 minutes. WaterUK Carbon Working Group 2013/14 industry average of 0.30KgCO2 for water and 0.74KgCO2 for waste water )

Waterless Urinals
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