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Save Water
Save water on your current urinal water usage! 
We aim to save all our customers at least 50% of the cost after all technology, service and replenishment parts are provided, against their current water charges, specifically for urinals with no hidden costs and zero odours. Guaranteed.

To arrange a site visit and book a free water usage audit to create your own bespoke savings calculator for urinal water usage, contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our dedicated water efficiency experts.

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There are currently circa 3 million urinals in the UK consuming an estimated 135 billion litres of water and costing in excess of £567 million.

In addition urinal water usage accounts for some 156,000 tonnes of Co2 in the water collection, distribution and treatment process.

For many businesses, converting to water-free urinals is the simplest and most cost effective way to reduce non-operational/potable water consumption and achieve a positive environmental impact.


  For example: In the South West of England an 'unregulated' urinal system flushing with 6.5 litres every 10 minutes at an average combined potable water/sewage charge of £5.08* per cubic meter will cost £1736 per annum. (*Water charges will vary)

In an attempt to save water and cut costs, many sites have installed calibrated flush controllers but these still leave significant water charges together with additional running costs and often an increased frequency of blockages and pipe/drain maintenance. In our experience many cistermiser controls are not maintained.

Only conversion to Smarti Falcon systems, supported by Smarti's innovative Pay As You Save service and maintenance contract, guarantees maximum water saving, together with a significant reduction in Co2 and maintenance and service costs.

Switching to a Smarti solution provides peace of mind by removing the risk of contravening the Water Regulations IRN R075 Schedule 2.25(4) which regulate the maintenance and control of flush systems on urinals.

The Falcon urinal solutions that we exclusively provide in the UK are unique and highly acclaimed. Established since 1999

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