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Waterless urinals attracts attention at Facilities Show
Waterfree Urinals
Waterless urinals attracts attention at Facilities Show
June 23rd, 2016
Smarti Waterfree urinals and products are going down well at the Facilities Show at Excel. It's the first year that we have taken a stand but it's been a good investment of time. Some very interesting exhibitors around us and a lot of interest in our Smarti Falcon waterfree urinals which are 5 times more hygenic than a 'normal' urinal, save at least 50 % on water charges and are an excellent way to help hit sustainability and environmental targets.

Whether one calls them waterless or waterfree, it doesn't matter. The point is that correctly installed and maintained waterless urinals are highly efficient, odour-free and very easy to maintain. The Smarti Falcon waterless urinals will help your business save money and water. Please talk to us.

June 27th, 2016

Smarti Falcon waterless urinals attracted a lot of interest and attention from the visitors to the Facilities Show last week. Our stand showed the difference between key valve and cartridge technology and helped visitors to understand not just how waterless urinals work, but which sort of urinal would be best for their business.

Waterless urinals audit

The savings are so significant for organisations; a recent audit of a science park showed savings of £7k just by changing 8 urinals. In many cases, the new urinals would bring additional benefits including cleaner and more hygienic facilities.

Organisations with a high throughput of people needing to use the urinals are best advised to install the high velocity cartridges from Falcon Waterfree which drain at speed. Waterless urinals use an airtight seal and valves to prevent odour or liquids going up through the urinal. These need replacing every three months or so, depending on usage. Our products include an optical indictor so that they can be replaced in good time.

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