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Looking for a high performing waterless urinal?
Waterless Urinals
Looking for a high performing waterless urinal?
June 30th, 2016
Falcon key valve and velocity cartridges lead the way in waterless urinals.

Look no further! Smarti Ltd have partnered up with Falcon Waterfree to provide you with the very best in waterless technology. Smarti Ltd is the only company to offer UK businesses or organisations the choice between key valve and cartridge systems. Depending on how busy your washrooms are, we will recommend which system is the best for you. We can also advise whether retro-fit to your existing systems is possible – it is for most washrooms. Of course, public-facing washrooms get refurbished very regularly, providing you with the perfect opportunity to install waterless urinals.

Falcon key valve and high performance key valve

Our High Performance Key Valve or the Velocity Cartridge are both ideal for busy venues or buildings, including sports stadiums, pubs, conference centres and hotels. In fact, anywhere where the washrooms need to keep pace with demand. Waterfree urinals are up to 5 times more hygienic than flush urinals making your washrooms a more pleasant experience for everyone except bacteria!

Falcon key valves and cartridges are guaranteed odour-free too – something which has caused problems in the past due to incorrect maintenance or poor performing technology. Things have dramatically improved now, making waterfree systems the way forward for anyone looking to save water, save money and help the environment.

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