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Odour Free Urinals and Toilets
Waterless Urinals
Odour free urinals and toilets
July 13th, 2016
Odour free urinals and toilets? Is that possible…

Making our 'conveniences' as pleasant as possible is important in our office environments. There is now an alternative to the traditonal venting systems – and you can wave goodbye to the Air Fresheners too!

Conventional Extraction Systems

Draw odour & bacteria out of the bowl into the breathing zone and the common area, encouraging bacteria, germs and odours. Contamination in the room requires large volumes of extraction and airflow to dilute this area. This higher volume results in higher energy consumption and thus high carbon emissions.

Due to the inefficiency of traditional extraction these spaces require costly air fresheners and masking sprays, many containing harmful chemicals called Phthalates.

Hygizone Extraction System

Removes odour and bacteria at source before contaminating the washroom. The efficiency of extraction at source provides a reduction in the airflow requirement to achieve an equal result.

In an independent assessment carried out by Apex Environmental Occupational Hygienists, Hygizone eliminated 90% of all contaminants in the facility.

Odour free urinals and toilets
According to the US Enviromental Protection Agency, diarrhea is 7x more contagious than coughing and sneezing in the transmission of airborne influenza flu viruses. A study identified a simple solution to this problem. Direct bathroom air down and away from the breathing zone by installing floor level exhaust 1-12inches above the floor. Hygizone take this concept one step further by extracting air directly through the toilet bowl.

The Hygizone systems can be installed by any plumber or good handyman and can be connected to any toilet or urinal with overhead ducting. Hygizone is already installed at many high profile venues including Johannesburg International Airport and Addington Hospital, Durban.

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