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  "Hybrid urinal technology"
  Hybrid Urinal technology that revolutionises the way you save on water
Falcon Waterless Urinals
Falcon Hybrid Urinal
The world's first and only true hybrid urinal
New cartridge technology with 6 patents
waterfree urinal No mess, no odour, no problems
waterfree urinal Housing stays cleaner
falcon waterfree urinals Elimates odour
falcon waterless urinals Combining the highest level of water savings
falcon waterless urinals Extends cartridge life
waterfree urinals Best user experience
waterfree urinals Revolutionary performance from Falcon waterfree technologies
waterfree urinals High performance designed by Falcon
waterless urinals Using one gallon of water every 72 hours,
no matter how many users
falcon waterless urinal Automatically injects water, purging drain and housing
Waterless Urinals

The hybrid technology from Falcon was originally developed to adapt and leverage the plumbing infrastructure that would rely on water being supplied so that it functioned. We have seen, as well as what studies have shown, that when urinals share a drain line with multiple other water flushing systems the rate of solid buildup is significantly reduced. The hybrid solution from Falcon creates its own source of water and will automatically inject it back into the drain line.

One gallon of water is automatically injected every 72 hours which results in lower levels of water consumption. This here essentially means it works waterfree. Not only this, the water injection system is pre-programmed on a timer which means it eliminates the need to manually clean the housing and drain line. This here also allows you to accurately calculate the gallons that are used annually.

The hybrid urinal line is ideal for a wide range of applications and can deliver exceptional performance and outstanding savings for any form of commercial bathroom. Examples may include: healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants and much more.

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The Smarti Mission
"We are totally focused on infection risk control and improving hygiene, whilst also saving water and money."
Waterless Urinals
Waterless Urinals
"New Lab Test Results Published 2018 - Water Free urinal results provided a lower overall incidence of bacteria than for Flushing urinals"
"We can deliver clever, sustainable, water and money saving technology, that doesn't break
the piggy bank."
Waterless Urinals
Waterless Urinals
"World leading technology that guarantees to save you at least 50% on your water costs*."
*subject to area location and overall service requirements
"We aim to create
a happy, healthy
and cost efficient washroom with
zero odour."
Waterless Urinals
Waterless Urinals
"We were established in 1998 and can deliver market leading water-free and odour extraction washroom solutions."
Our Clients
Some of the customers that we work with include:
Waterfree Urinals
Waterless Urinals
Waterless Urinals
"Follow the example of the NHS who have just completed a major installation in
The NHS were impressed by recent laboratory endorsed product enhancements. If it is robust enough for the health sector, it has to be for any field of businesses washrooms.
Waterless Urinals
"Two simple install options for new and existing urinals and toilets - Retrofit or replace with a new system."
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Waterless Urinals
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