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Benefits - Money Saving

Smarti is designed to save you money. Our complete “Pay as you Save” urinal installation includes a free audit of your requirements, the fitting, all valves and cleaning material plus a quarterly check-up (if required) all for around half of what you would pay for your normal water costs! Our service also includes unlimited call-outs should any issues occur – although we’re pleased to report that we have yet to be called out to any calcium-related blockages meaning where Smarti is installed, urinal related plumbing costs have been reduced to zero!

There are further ways we can save you money, which we have highlighted below:

Water Bills

With 3.5 million urinals (one million cisterns in theory) flushing every day in the UK, over 200 billion litres of water are wasted every year. This amount of water will come with a significant cost to your business, which will vary depending on how your system is set up and the frequency of flushing – but by removing water from your urinal systems, all water costs will be saved. This in turn will also reduce the associated sewage costs, due to a reduction in the amount of sewage being produced. Less water = less sewage and less sewage = fewer costs incurred.


Traditional flushing urinals are susceptible to recurring plumbing issues, due to water and urine calcifying in pipes, causing blockages and breakages. The build-up of calcium requires regular plumbing work to be carried out, which comes at a significant cost to your business. When installing our system, we may also replace the urinal pipework which removes any historical build-up of calcium if required. More information on the maintenance of Smarti systems can be found here.

Cleaning – Time & Materials

Thanks to our SteriKleen spray, the urinals do not require an intensive cleaning programme. Instead, the urinals are simply sprayed once a day at the end of the working day (or twice if required) and then left, without the need for scrubbing or wiping. This is because our unique SteriKleen spray contains active enzymes which “eat” any bacteria on the urinal, reducing cleaning time and costs.

As existing urinal flushes water, urine is spread underneath the bowl resulting in the yellow staining that is commonly found underneath the urinals. It is also common to find associated pipework stained brown in flushing urinal systems because of blockages and leaking due to the calcified urine build ups that form when water and urine are mixed. Water-free systems prevent this discolouration from occurring, meaning less time will need to be spent on trying to clean and clear the mess. As well as the SteriKleen spray, the system utilises SteriKleer pods which are simply dropped into the pipes to lubricate and break down any calcium deposits that may occur in the pipework. Not only does this help to keep the pipes clear, but it also reduces any odours that may be present. The only thing we ask is that bleach is not used after a conversion to Smarti waterless urinals has been made.


We also offer the option of self-installation with our products, meaning if you have on-site maintenance staff, we will provide them with a detailed breakdown of how to install our water urinal systems, meaning you can reduce your costs even further. Please note – if your system is a self-installation, it is not guaranteed by Smarti. Only the systems fitted by our engineers qualify for our lifetime guarantee.

Savings Calculator

(All Values are estimates and indicative only, subject to full site audit survey required to provide accurate data).

*Based on supplying water-free technology conversion kits and two replacement water-freevalves per year, per urinal.

Additional Installation and Service Options are available on request.

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