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Covid Safe Washrooms for the Hospitality Sector

With typical resilience, the hospitality sector rose to the challenge of Covid-19 taking every safety-measure possible to protect customers while ensuring businesses adapt to the new ‘normal’.

Social distancing, pre-booking, table service, plastic screens and increased cleaning regimes have all been implemented but this has put considerable strain on the already stretched resources of those in hospitality battling for survival.

The awareness and importance of hygiene has never been more at the forefront of people’s minds and the regular use of hand sanitiser, masks and gloves is likely to last. With everyone doing their bit in the fight against Covid, especially those in high traffic industries like the hospitality sector, you may be asking yourself is there anything else I can do to protect my staff and my customers?

Well actually there is…  

One often overlooked area is the toilet facilities.

You may be thinking, ‘no they aren’t they are cleaned thoroughly… we always focus on them’. You are probably right. It is not the effort and willingness that is in question here but a fundamental flaw in toilet engineering.

There is research that proves that a switch to waterless urinals reduces the aerosol spread of bacteria and viruses by up to 98%

Water has typically been associated with cleanliness, it is fundamental for our survival and necessary for all life to exist.

Our current systems of ‘water closets’ unwittingly provides a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and viruses. By removing the water from this environment, the potential for spreading dangerous germs drastically decreases. 

The flaw lies in the flushing system. When traditional toilets or urinals are flushed an invisible cloud is dispersed into the air carrying with it all manner of germs, bacteria and viruses. They then stick to all the surrounding surfaces including flush buttons, taps, door handles and clothing ready to be transferred to your hands and eventually into the body. And remember, these are not just your germs but those of anyone that has used that facility.  

With a simple switch to waterless urinals this unnecessary spread of bacteria is completely removed making the environment far safer for staff and customers; with no water there is no breeding ground for germs and with no flushing there is no dispersal.

In addition to this extremely important benefit for the health and wellbeing of customers and staff, waterless toilets have a number of other advantages:

  • They save water! People are now far more aware of environmental issues and water wastage has become an area of increasing concern. Not only does using waterless toilets save on water costs but it also increases your green credentials and helps the environment.
  • Waterless toilets do not smell. It is the bacteria that causes odour and waterless toilets eliminate up to 98% of that from the equation.
  • They only require cleaning with a simple eco-friendly spray twice a day reducing the impact on the environment and freeing staff for more meaningful activities.
  • These waterless toilets are UK design and manufactured and support the UK economy.
  • With the unique ‘pay as you save’ system there are no upfront costs and urinal instillation includes a free audit, fitting and all cleaning materials.

A switch to waterless urinals is an obvious choice, not only to better ensure the safety of your staff and customers but to save you money and time.

Hospitality, by definition, is all about customer care. Show them you value their health and well being and save yourself time and money in the process.