Smarti Environmental

How it works

With Smarti, we can retrofit our technology onto 98% of existing urinal systems, meaning with just a few changes, you can retain your existing urinals while converting it to a waterless system. Each urinal system is assessed by a certified Smarti engineer, who will examine your current set up and offer a savings proposal based on your individual requirements, and we will never make any unnecessary alterations. For example, the waste pipes can be replaced as part of the install process, but if the audit identifies that the current pipework is sufficient and in good working order, they will not be replaced.

High Performance Key-Valve®

Our retrofit High Performance Key-Valve® is fitted into your existing urinal system, replacing the existing water flushing system with our waterless technology. Many installations can also occur in just one day, meaning there is minimal disruption to your business.

Green crystal enzyme Key Ring

Once installed, there is minimal on-going maintenance required for your Smarti systems. Our valve contains a green crystal enzyme Key Ring which dissolves over time, lasting for approximately 16,000 uses – equivalent to approximately 3 – 4 months of standard usage. When the ring changes colour to become completely clear, it is depleted and it is time to change the cartridge, which is easy and contact- free using our unique and hygienic key change system.

The SteriKleer pod

Once a quarter, a SteriKleer pod is dropped into the
pipes to help keep the pipes clear and lubricated,
breaking down any calcium build-up that may have
occurred in the pipes.

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