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“Wasting water is set to be as socially unacceptable as blowing smoke in the face of a baby.

In 20 – 25 years, we will reach the jaws of death, the point at which, unless we take action now, we will not have enough water to supply our needs.”

Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive Environmental Agency
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"Behaviour change is a vital part of the equation to help address looming water scarcity, but it doesn't happen overnight. It takes time for new behaviours to become embedded as new habits, and that process often requires support and reinforcement from a lot of different sources."

Dr Heather Smith of Cranfield Water Science Institute, Cranfield University
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What Smarti Environmental does to help

We supply Water-free hygienic technology to the NHS and other blue-chip customers.

Water-free urinals and our enzyme spray technology will help protect you, your staff and your customers.

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Sustainable – Hygienic – Infection Prevention – Environmental – Technology

Key Partners

Smarti Environmental are the official UK exclusive partner of

Improve hygiene and increase infection Control

Smarti Environmental have lab tested and proved that water-free, non-flushing devices are more hygienic than standard flushing technology that can spread airborne bacteria and can cause Legionella and E. coli.

No Water = No E. coli / Legionella.

No Flushing = No possible airborne droplets of bacteria/virus particles being spread around the washroom.

Smarti Environmental are officially working with Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency to fight COVID-19 and any future outbreak with our infection spread prevention products, helping to protect all our customers long term with further new products coming soon!

Market Challenge

3.5 million UK urinals* flush every 10-30 mins daily – less than 3% are water-free.

217 Billion** litres of clean water flush annually.

More water than the UK’s largest reservoir.

Every water-free urinal saves at least 100,000 litres of water per year.

* Market research data – BIFM – Volumes based on 3 urinals supplied by 1 X 9 litre cistern.
** Research based on the World Health Organization statistics.

(No Conversion)
No Savings

Blockages, Odours, Wastage

(After Conversion)

Water-free, Odour-free, Hyginic

For a free no obligation wash-room survey and quotation,
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Why Convert?

Check out our video and see for yourself,
How Smarti Environmental can help your business.

Savings Calculator

Try for yourself with our water-free conversion Savings calculator.

(All values are estimates and indicative only, subject to full site audit survey required to provide accurate data.)

*Based on supplying water-free technology conversion kits and two replacement water-free valves per year, per urinal. Additional Installation and Service Options are available on request.

Testimonials (more available on request)


“I am pleased to say the waterless urinals have been a success. I haven’t had any complaints. I checked them out the other day and all looked and smelt good.”


Sam Willitts

Energy & Sustainability Manager,
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Products & Services

Water-Free Urinal washroom products:

High Performance Key-Valve™ Conversion Kit – SWP103F

High Performance Key-Valve™ Replaceable Valve – SHPKV101

Velocity Universal Cartridge – SV101

Surface and in-pipe hygiene enzyme sprays and pipe pods:

Smarti Steri Kleen
Pre-Mix 750ml
Smarti Steri Kleen
5lt Concentrate 10:1
Smarti Steri Kleer
Pipe Pods

Spare Parts & Urinals:

Replacement HP-Key Valve removal and insertion key

40mm long or short Adaptor

Velocity Urinal Housing

Velocity cartridge heavy duty removal key

Lava Urinal – SVU100

High Performance Vitreous China Ceramic Urinal – 400mm for Schools and smaller locations – SKVU100

High Performance Vitreous China Ceramic Urinal – 500mm for all locations – SKVU101


High Performance Vitreous China Ceramic Urinal – 600mm Concealed – for all locations – SKVU102



Installation and Service package

To place an order please call 01392 311 202
or email:

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