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Waterless urinal trailblazer Smarti Environmental becomes carbon neutral

Press Release
28 April 2022

Smarti Environmental, the UK’s leading waterless urinal business, has been officially recognised as an environmental trailblazer having achieved Carbon Neutral Organisation status. Smarti Environmental attained the CO2(e) Neutral certification as a result of its commitment to carbon offsetting.

The Exeter-based business, which produced just 3.9 tonnes of CO2 equivalent through to the year ending 31 August 2021, has been working towards becoming completely carbon neutral as part of its wider aim to be sustainable in all areas of its business.

Carbon neutrality can be achieved by a company when it balances its carbon dioxide emissions with their removal via offsetting. The Blue Marble certification recognises that Smarti Environmental’s residual emissions, including Scope 1 and Scope 3, are successfully offset through carbon credits issued by the Verified Carbon Standard, a carbon offset program run by the non-profit organisation Verra.

Smarti Environmental offsets its carbon output by funding the Verra-certified Pacajai Redd+ deforestation prevention project in the northern Brazilian state of Pará. The scheme aims to stop the deforestation of 123,000 hectares of Amazonian rainforest and therefore prevent the emission of 9.6 million tonnes of CO2 over a period of 40 years.

Smarti Environmental’s newly-attained carbon neutral status further enhances the business’ environmental standing; its waterless urinal solution enables organisations to reduce their carbon footprints by 105kg of CO2 per urinal, per year, and prevents hundreds of thousands of litres of water being wasted needlessly each year.

Building on its low carbon agenda, Smarti Environmental is among just 29% of UK companies that have a Net Zero emissions plan in place. Key to this plan is its move away from overseas manufacturing, with the launch of its new UK-manufactured Vortex valve in May.

Commenting on its Carbon Neutral Organisation accreditation, Kimberley Hill, Sales Manager at Smarti Environmental, said: “For many of the organisations that we work with, including the NHS, low carbon eco-credentials are key. As we move towards Net Zero targets as a business, we will continue to actively adopt measures that enable us to maintain the lowest carbon footprint of any flushless urinal provider in the UK.”

Blue Marble Managing Director, Henry Waite, commented: “Smarti’s products provide huge opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions associated with water consumption in UK. It is important that every aspect of these environmental credentials is communicated, so including the organisation’s emissions adds great value and transparency to the company’s purpose. This level of granularity is also very helpful to Smarti’s market who are also engaged with Net Zero ambitions. This will help with their reporting and aid the progress toward the UK’s Net Zero goals.”

Smarti Environmental’s eco-friendly waterless valve is reusable and fully recyclable, while its innovative enzyme technology eliminates the requirement for harsh cleaning products, in turn drastically reducing the energy used in sewage treatment.

Offering the lowest carbon footprint of any waterless urinal solution available, Smarti’s simple-to-install, retro-fit valve fits 98% of all urinals. Most organisations can therefore retain their existing urinals while benefiting from Smarti Environmental’s lower carbon solution.

Smarti Environmental’s research shows that there are currently around 3.5 million water-supplied urinals in the UK, which collectively waste 217 billion litres of water each year, equivalent to 87 thousand Olympic sized swimming pools. If all were to go waterless, this would be equivalent to removing 100,000 diesel cars from the road.

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