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Businesses urged to go waterless from World Environment Day

Press Release
6 June 2022

Smarti Environmental, the UK’s leading waterless urinal provider, is urging businesses to play their part in the battle against needless carbon emissions following Stockholm+50 (02-03 June), and World Environment Day (05 June).

50 years on from the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, the United Nations is warning that the climate is heating up too quickly for people and nature to adapt. To keep global warming below 1.5°C this century, annual greenhouse gas emissions must be halved by 2030. The UN is encouraging truly transformative options that are available, affordable and attractive for people to make better daily decisions.

Smarti Environmental, which enables existing flushing urinals to go waterless in just a day, is encouraging organisations to urgently review their use of flushing urinals in the ongoing climate crisis.

Its research shows that there are currently around 3.5 million water-supplied urinals in the UK, emitting 105kg of CO2, and wasting 100,000 litres of clean water per urinal, per year, which takes a huge amount of energy to be processed. If installed on every flushing urinal in the UK, the carbon savings gained by installing Smarti Environmental’s new retro-fit, waterless urinal Vortex triple seal valve (TSV) would be equivalent to taking 100,000 diesel cars off the road, and saving 217 billion litres of water from being treated unnecessarily each year.

Unlike any other waterless urinal solution, the Vortex TSV uses an eco-friendly bio-block enzyme ring and integrated bio-tablet tablet that breaks down uric acid and bio film proteins during use, lubricating sewerage pipes to prevent blocked pipes, and making urine PH neutral; a world first. This means less energy is required in sewerage treatment processing, further reducing the environmental impact of waterless urinals versus flushing alternatives. The Vortex triple seal technology also prevents and locks away all bad odours from drains, providing a better user experience.

To encourage the move to flushless urinals following Stockholm+50, and World Environment Day, Smarti Environmental is offering large organisations with 100 or more urinals within their group, a free washroom trial for 3-months, including free installation of its retro-fit waterless Vortex triple seal valves. Smaller businesses can also benefit from savings of more than 50% compared to the cost of running conventional flushing urinals.

Kimberley Hill, New Business Development Manager at Smarti Environmental, commented: “This World Environment Day, businesses have the opportunity to play a part in reducing needless water waste and carbon emissions by switching to waterless urinals. When you consider that waterless urinals cut CO2 and water waste at the same time as slashing urinal running costs by more than half – saving up to £1,200 on every three urinals in use – it’s a change that makes complete business and environmental sense.”

Kimberly Hill added: “As an accredited Carbon Neutral Business, we’re doing all we can to make a positive difference to the environment, and that includes the use of environment-friendly enzyme technology. This ends the need for harsh cleaning materials, and avoids pollutants from entering the waste-water system, further enhancing the environmental benefits of waterless urinals. For organisations looking to a Net Zero future, we provide part of the solution to achieving this, helping businesses save the planet, one pee at a time.”

Smarti Environmental’s waterless urinals are used both by private and public sector organisations including the NHS. In addition to cutting costs, water use and emissions, its retro-fit, waterless one-way multi-valve technology stops the spread of viruses through the absence of airborne aerosol germs created by flushing urinals. Made from fully recyclable materials, they fit 98% of standard urinals with no need to change urinal bowls.

Used in conjunction with Smarti’s eco-friendly, odour-eating and bacteria/virus busting SteriKleen surface spray, urinal cleaning is reduced to once every 24 hours, consisting of a wipe, spray and walk away process that leaves urinals clean and fresh. This makes switching to waterless urinals simple and easy, enabling businesses to Build Back Better and Greener. Smarti Environmental also replaces blocked or partially blocked pipework resulting from the chemical reaction between water and urine, when installing its waterless valves to existing urinal bowls.

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