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Why make the switch to waterless urinals?





* Caused by uric scale formed as a result of the chemical reaction between water and urine.

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Ground-breaking Eco-Enzyme & Triple Seal Valve Technology = PH neutral urine; bacteria & virus control; fast flow draining; no blocked pipes; no odour; no water; lower costs; reduced CO2e

Made in Britain from fully recyclable material

Smarti’s unique eco-friendly, hygienic, patent pending water free urinal valves are helping our customers:

Keeping costs down

Enhanced Infection Prevention & Control

End water waste

Lower Carbon

Eliminate odours & improve washroom environments

Keeping costs down

As the cost of running businesses and public sector organisations spirals ever higher, keeping avoidable expenditure down really matters. Understandably, the temptation remains to make the most of what you’ve already got, which for some means sticking with existing flushing urinals or adopting reduced water flow systems.

The trouble with this approach is that standard flushing urinal costs are typically 50%+ higher than waterless urinals, and low flow systems suffer from greater calcium build-up, leading to blockages and expensive plumbing bills.

The good news is that 98% of all urinals can be easily converted to flushless, and with Smarti Environmental, there’s no need to change your urinal bowls either.

You’ll save on plumbing bills too. How? Well, by taking water out of the equation, you avoid calcium build-up caused by the chemical reaction between water and urine. No water means no more blocked pipes, and no more expensive and inconvenient cases of flooding in your gents. Even if you just look at the water saving in isolation, that’s a typical saving of around £630 per three-bay urinal. Add to that free installation, a free trial option, and the end to plumbing issues and expenses, and the question has to be, why wouldn’t you go waterless?

Enhanced Infection Prevention & Control

In a time where hygiene is more important than ever, Smarti waterless urinals are proven to reduce aerosol bacterial / viral transmission by limiting the spread of airborne bacterial / viruses including COVID-19 (Coronavirus)*, Norovirus, E. coli, and more. *Study of virus transmission from urinals can be read here

Smarti have lab tested and proved that water-free, non-flushing urinals are more hygienic than their traditional counterparts. Flushing urinals increases the spread of airborne droplets containing bacteria and viruses around the washroom, contaminating skin, clothing, and multiple surfaces in the process. No flushing means no water, and therefore a 98% reduction in aerosol bacterial & virus transmission.

End water waste

Traditional urinals will flush on average, every 10-30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This leads to 217 billion litres of clean water being flushed annually*, which is more water than the UK’s largest reservoir. Not only is this an incredible amount of water wasted, but it also puts a strain on plumbing systems which require on-going maintenance and plumbing costs due to the build-up of calcium caused by the chemical reaction when urine and water are mixed. If you remove one element – in this case, the water – the reaction does not take place, therefore the build-up does not occur.

Each Smarti waterless urinal saves around 100,000 litres of clean water from being flushed per year – which not only helps a business to save money on water bills but also helps to reduce a business’ carbon footprint. *Research based on the World Health Organization statistics.

Lower Carbon

Businesses and organisations are under intense pressure to reduce their carbon footprints. ESG, CSR and net zero targets are high on the board agenda, and both consumers and government are demanding positive change.

Smarti’s waterless urinal solution addresses this issue directly, helping organisations save 105kg of CO2 per urinal, per year. What does that mean? Well, if the UK’s 3.2 million flushing urinals went waterless, that would be equivalent to taking 100,000 diesel cars off the road. 

But that’s not the end of the story. Smarti, which is a certified Carbon Neutral Organisation, uses environment-friendly enzyme technology, which removes the need for harsh cleaning products. This dramatically reduces the amount of energy required in the treatment of resulting sewage.


Add to this the fact that Smarti’s solution is the only patented, recyclable and reusable UK-manufactured waterless valve in production, and the outcome is the lowest carbon footprint of any waterless urinal solutions on the market.


So, if saving the planet one pee at a time is important to you, why not get in contact today?

Eliminate odours & improve washroom environments

The patented, non-return valve used within our waterless urinal systems removes urine much faster than competitors while also ensuring that odours are prevented from returning from the pipe into the washroom. In addition, our SteriKleen enzyme surface cleaner and deodoriser provide long-term protection from any ammonia smell that can be generated from urine.

Make the switch today to protect your staff, to save money and to protect the planet. Make the Smarti choice.

The Long-lasting Smart Surface Protector
Protects against Coronaviruses, Flu and Norovirus

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